CVS102 - 2CD+DVD - David & Jonathas

Charpentier - David and Jonathas

David and Jonathas, Charpentier's masterpiece where love, deep friendship, epic confrontations, and intense emotions blend with splendor. This fusion of music and tragedy transports you into a sumptuous and radiant baroque vision. More details


Biblical tragedy in a prologue and five acts to a libretto by Père Bretonneau, first performed in Paris in 1688.

Reinoud Van Mechelen · Caroline Arnaud · David Witczak · François-Olivier Jean · Antonin Rondepierre · Geoffroy Buffière · Virgile Ancely

Ensemble Marguerite Louise
Gaétan Jarry,

This is a baroque dream: a performance of the sacred drama David and Jonathas, a masterpiece by Charpentier and one of the miracles of French opera, in the Royal Chapel of Versailles! In 1688, the Louis-le-Grand Jesuit school performed this vibrant version of the fateful, fusional love between David and Jonathas… and the inevitable confrontation between their armies. Their deep friendship – biblical love – leads to the death of Jonathas in the arms of the victorious David. The intense emotion exuded by this piece is amplified by the staging, sets and costumes, under the stirring direction of Gaétan Jarry: a sumptuous, dazzling baroque vision.

Recorded from November 12th to 16th 2022 at the Chapelle Royale of the Château de Versailles.


Booklet French/English/German - Duration:  DVD/Blu-Ray 2h12 – CD 118'43

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