CVS008 - CD - La Messe du Roi Soleil
CVS008 - CD - La Messe du Roi SoleilCVS008 - CD - La Messe du Roi Soleil

CD - The Sun King's Mass

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Music was undoubtedly the heart of the many church services attended by His Most Christian Majesty, Louis XIV. The Marguerite Louise Ensemble makes these sacred notes resonate once again, thus allowing our souls to taste eternity for the time of a concert.


Cécile Achille, Anaïs Bertrand, Juliette Perret, Virginie Thomas, Safir Behloul, Jonathan Spicher, David Witczak, soloists
Ensemble Marguerite Louise
Gaétan Jarry,

Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687)
François Couperin (1668-1733)
Michel-Richard Delalande (1657-1726)

The Sun King’s Mass was without any doubt one of the privileged rites for the standing of the glory of the sovereign, as much because of its splendor, as for its ceremonial aspect, which brings time to a halt, solidifying the eternal image of royal power.
The greatest composers of the kingdom distinguished themselves by making the holy service a veritable heavenly concert.

The bell rang, the fifes and drums announced the arrival of the king in the gallery, the organ burst forth, the Grands Motets by Lully and Delalande enthralled under the golden vaults, the delicate and intimate petits motets by Couperin appear with grace in the alcoves of the Royal Chapel…

Recorded in the Royal Chapel of Versailles on July 2018. 

Booklet in French and English with original texts - Duration: 53'13 

→ Interview of Gaétan Jarry

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