CVS057 - CD - Tiroirs Secrets
CVS057 - CD - Tiroirs SecretsCVS057 - CD - Tiroirs Secrets

CD - Tiroirs Secrets

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Lucile Dollat and Michael Metzler offer a new interpretation of great organ pieces, accompanied by baroque percussion parts created for the occasion! Thus are revealed the hidden but omnipresent links between secular and religious music. 


Claude-Bénigne Balbastre (1724-1799)
François d'Agincour (1684-1758)
Charles Piroye (1665-1724)
André Raison (ca.1640/1650-1719

Lucile Dollat, organ
Michael Metzler, percussions

This is a compendium of festive rarities in the ‘Grand Siècle’ of the French organ: their authors have almost been forgotten, secular and the sacred mix with dance rhythms, and half of these works have been written more for a concert than the Service! These precious scores have been waiting like guilty pleasures buried in the secret drawers of our lives, hidden behind the French organ grand masters’ sumptuously bound volumes… Lucile Dollat breathes life into Piroye’s L’Allegresse, L’Immortelle and La Béatitude, the brilliant D’Agincour Suites and Balbastre’s sparkling Concerto again, with the contribution of percussionist Michael Metzler, who is more inventive than ever in Raison’s Le Vive le Roy des Parisiens (Long live the King of Parisians)! The Great Organ in the Royal Chapel of Versailles gives a majestic voice to these collector’s gems, unearthed with great enthusiasm by a young organist with determined play.

Recorded on 21 to 23 December 2020 at the Royal Chapel of the Château de Versailles

Booklet in French/English/German - Duration: CD 72'56

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