CVS040 - 2CD- Bach 6 Suites
CVS040 - 2CD- Bach 6 SuitesCVS040 - 2CD- Bach 6 Suites

Double CD - Bach 6 suites

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Inspired by French dance suites, the six suites for solo cello reveal Bach's inclination for musical eclecticism. Myriam Rignol performs these works with great expressiveness, becoming one with her instrument, the viola da gamba, in order to perfect the Versailles flavor of these six pieces.


Myriam Rignol, viola dagamba

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
version for the viola dagamba

Could Bach’s Suites be most representative of his French identity? Composed in Germany around 1720 at the Court of Köthen, like the Brandenburg Concertos, for a Francophile and gambist, they find in Myriam Rignol’s vision and vibrant embodiment an unmistakable French flavour, transcended by the viola dagamba! When an exceptional talent meets the instrument that makes Bach resound in Versailles, lending it the rhythm of the dances so dear to Louis, in a polyphony like no other, Johann-Sebastian dazzles in the Palace of the Sun King…

Recorded at Château de Versailles from Novembre 16 to Novembre 21 2020.

Duration : Vol. 1 73'98 - Vol.2 81'36

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