CVS037 - CD - Cadmus et Hermione
CVS037 - CD - Cadmus et HermioneCVS037 - CD - Cadmus et Hermione

Double CD - Cadmus et Hermione

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A love that nothing can stop, that the sole human will manages to fulfill, overturning the obstacles and bending the will of the Gods. For the first French opera, the story of Cadmus and Hermione could not have been better chosen; since then, the bond between the French public and tragédie lyrique has been a love story.


Ensemble Aedes
Mathieu Romano, chef de choeur

Le Poème Harmonique
Vincent Dumestre, direction

Thomas Dolié, Adèle Charvet, Eva Zaïcik, Lisandro Abadie, Nicholas Scott, Virgile Ancely, Guilhem Worms, Marine Lafdal-Franc, Enguerrand De Hys, Benoit-Joseph Meier, Kaëlig Boché, Brenda Poupard, Olivier Fichet, Agathe Boudet, Sorin Dumitrascu, Amandine Trenc

Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687) 

An ancient hero, a dragon, a young goddess: love and glory are at the heart of Lully’s first opera, first performed in front of Louis XIV. As in his previous works - divertissements, ballets de cour and comédies- ballets - Lully makes the voices and the orchestra sparkle, multiplying the pieces which stand out and that were appealing to the court. But with the help of the librettist Philippe Quinault, he introduced the dramatic force of French classical tragédie in an exclusively musical work: and here the audience was bewitched by the mythical love stories so sumptuously portrayed. The first tragic heroes, the first great love duets, the first tears from the audience: the tragédie-lyrique, this opera in the French manner, was born, and thanks to it, until his death in 1687, Lully would never cease to delight. Vincent Dumestre brilliantly resuscitates this seminal work, thus celebrating with dignity the three hundred and fifty years of the Académie royale de musique!

Recorded at the Royal Opera of the Château de Versailles from 25 to 28 November 2019.

Booklet in french / english / german - Duration : Vol.1 53'34 – Vol.2 68'44

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