CVS035 - CD - Pièces de Viole
CVS035 - CD - Pièces de VioleCVS035 - CD - Pièces de Viole

N°35 | CD - Couperin - Secrets de Roy - Pièces de Violes | Pré-sales

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Mathilde Vialle, Louise Bouedo-Mallet, violes de gambe
Thibaut Roussel, théorbe et guitare baroque
Sébastien Daucé, clavecin

Pièces de Violes SUITE EN MI · SUITE EN LA

Enregistré du 24 au 27 juin 2019 au Château de Versailles 

If the cherished corpus of Pièces de Violes by François Couperin “the Great”, the celebrated organist of the Chapelle Royale de Versailles, constitutes a major contribution to the viol repertoire in France at the beginning of the 18th century, this unique volume published in Paris in 1728 is also shrouded in mystery for any musician who might wish to immerse himself in these sumptuous pieces. Might they have been composed for an exceptional performer, Marin Marais or Antoine Forqueray, Couperin’s colleagues at the Court of Louis XIV? Arranged in two suites of splendid pieces, blending Italian and French styles, they represent all the spirit and finesse of the music of the King’s Chamber at its apogee. Accompanied by the finest French musicians, Mathilde Vialle divinely plays her viol, in turn both devilish and sweet-toned, intense and acute, virtuoso and sensitive, and through such outstanding portraits of the human soul, brings the spirit of Versailles to life by exalting it…



Booklet in french / english / german
Duration :  66'53