CVS032 - CD -  Lully - Dies Irae
CVS032 - CD -  Lully - Dies IraeCVS032 - CD -  Lully - Dies Irae

N°32 | CD - Lully – Dies Irae

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Collection GRANDS MOTETS Vol.1

Les Épopées

Stéphane Fuget


A musician of genius, Jean-Baptiste Lully put all his musical science at the service of intense oratorical emotion in the Grands Motets. These vast religious compositions, with their powerful dramatic character, were representative of the splendour deployed at the court of Louis XIV. The  Dies Irae and the De Profundis, imbued with great solemnity, were both given at the royal funeral of Louis XIV's wife, Queen Maria Theresa of Austria, in 1683 in the Basilica of Saint-Denis. This extraordinary Funerial ostentation was magnified by Lully's works, making Madame de Sévigné remark that at their performance that "all eyes were welled up with tears". 

Stéphane Fuget and Les Épopées - a veritable army of generals - deliver a grandiose, shimmering, theatrical and oratorical version of this music, draping it in an abundance of brilliant glittering ornaments, like the sun invigorating the stained-glass windows, mirrors and gilding of Versailles, to the point of eternity.


Recorded at the Royal Chapel of Versailles from 10th to 12th July 2020


Booklet in french / english / german