CVS028 - Coffret Éd limitée Richard Coeur de Lion
CVS028 - Coffret Éd limitée Richard Coeur de LionCVS028 - Coffret Éd limitée Richard Coeur de LionCVS028 - Coffret Éd limitée Richard Coeur de Lion

Richard Cœur de Lion | CD + DVD numbered boxset Limited Edition

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For its two hundred and fiftieth anniversary, the Royal Opera revives the most famous French opera-comique of the 18th century for more than a century!


Le Concert Spirituel, choir and orchestra
Hervé Niquet, conductor

Le Ballet de l’Opéra Royal
Marshall Pynkoski Mise en scène
Jeannette Lajeunesse Zingg Chorégraphe
Antoine Fontaine Décors
Camille Assaf Costumes
Avec Enguerrand de Hys (CD), Rémy Mathieu (DVD), Reinoud Van Mechelen, Melody Louledjian, Marie Perbost, solistes

A new production by two regular visitors of the Royal Opera: the conductor Hervé Niquet and the Canadian director Marshall PynkovskiA new and first production of the Opera Royal since 1789!

André-Ernest-Modeste Grétry (1741-1813)

An imprisoned King, his knights singing loyalty to him with a famous air "O Richard, O my King" sung in the Royal Opera House by the Bodyguards of Louis XVI in 1789, which would unleash mob justice forcing the royal family to leave the château and never return... To celebrate the 250th anniversary of our theatre, we are pleased to present the return of Grétry's most celebrated Richard Cœur de Lion (Richard the Lionheart) (1784), which during a century was the most famous 18th century French Opéra-comique in Europe. Hervé Niquet and Marshall Pynkoski place the action back under the reign of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. Grétry, the Queen's most beloved composer, was a familiar face at the Royal Opera. His Richard is the culmination of a career: here we have an opportunity to put him back into the great History of Versailles, with the first complete production at the Royal Opera of Versailles since... 1789!

"It is a French musical that will remain in the repertoire until recently. Everything is there: colourful orchestra, typical roles, energetic chorus, dramatic efficiency, lightness on a well-built structure. This Grétry is a master in the art of capturing an audience. Laughter and emotion are mixed, simplicity and virtuosity. I am afraid that this comic opera will be a lot of fun to perform, as all the trades are at work, from the carpenter to the chorus singers, from the dancer to the costume designer, from the props person to the diva. A very good show in a historic building.  Hervé Niquet, Music Director

"Visually, the production pays tribute to the late 18th and early 19th centuries, but don't expect a museum piece! [...] The actors' performances are very physical and their gestures are used to achieve great emotions. A catwalk surrounds the orchestra pit and projects directly into the audience, allowing the actors to step out of the frame and encouraging the audience to experience the play as participants rather than spectators. [...] Grétry included some superb dance music in Richard the Lionheart. [...] The dances are more than mere entertainment and the dancers themselves interact closely with the chorus members and soloists. Both the classical and romantic worlds have a role to play in this production. Our aim is to reflect both aesthetics, depicting a seemingly indestructible world order teetering on the brink of political, social and emotional revolution." Marshall Pynkoski, Director

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Recorded and filmed live at the Royal Opera of Château de Versailles in October 2019.

Booklet in French, English, German - Duration CD : 73’18

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