CVS014 - DVD - Marie-Antoinette
CVS014 - DVD - Marie-AntoinetteCVS014 - DVD - Marie-Antoinette

N°14 | DVD - Ballet Marie-Antoinette

DVD - N°1 Ballet Collection
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Malandain Ballet Biarritz
Thierry Malandain,
Orchestre Symphonique d'Euskadi
Mélanie Levy-Thiébaut, conductor

We all remember the « Austrian woman », even by her significant nickname « Madam deficit », but on the other hand, putting to one side the parties, the balls, the extravagant garments, Marie-Antoinette’s pronounced fondness for the arts, the theatre, music and dance is less well-known. And so, even though a staff was affected to oversee her pleasures, Marie-Antoinette, dealt herself with the organisation of Court spectacles, and even became involved with those taking place in Paris. Studying singing, harpsichord and the harp, she would also be involved in acting. But without a doubt the role of her life was that of Dauphine and then Queen of France, caught between etiquette, inactivity, frivolity and intrigues. Using the material, where theatricality plays a central role, Thierry Malandain has created for Château de Versailles Spectacles in 2019, this ballet Marie-Antoinette based on the symphonies of Joseph Haydn and Christoph Willibald Gluck.

Filmed March 31st 2019 at the Royal Opera of Versailles, during the world premiere.

Booklet in French / English / German / Japanese

DVD9 NTSC / All regions

Duration: 1h31